Delivery terms.

  1. Delivery of material goods is carried out by the method chosen by the buyer. The buyer chooses the delivery method on the checkout page before payment.
  2. The delivery time of the order depends on the chosen method. The selected operator of the delivery service is responsible for the delay in delivery.
  3. Delivery of a virtual product (subscription) is carried out immediately after payment by sending a letter to the buyer with a subscription activation link.
  4. The seller packs and ships tangible goods in accordance with the rules and recommendations of the selected postal operator.
  5. The seller ships the goods within two business days after receiving the payment.
  6. Shipping costs are included in the price of the goods.
  7. Sending of goods is carried out by the postal service “EMS Russian Post”.
  8. Each shipment receives a tracking number. Tracking of postal dispatches is carried out on the EMS Russian Post website.